Why we take everything a little more closely

The economic landscape is characterized by uncompromising competition. Gebr. Becker GmbH meets this challenge by action, instead of reaction! From experience we know what our customers are looking for. And what many competitors are missing.

Short distances instead of long lines

Within a radius of 100 km, we deliver with our own trucks on request. The favorable infrastructure and connection to the highway network saves time and delivery costs.

Service beyond mediocrity

Often, only sample coatings can give our customers the final certainty they need. We have adjusted to this. Even more, we realize sophisticated special designs, put complex surface coatings into practice and can perform quality checks and issue official test certificates in our own laboratory.

Quality and environmental policy

Upon request, we will provide you with our quality and environmental policy.

We simply want to be better

Thus, not only our own quality assurance through certification according to IATF 16949 is on a high level. We also undertake quality assurance measures on behalf of and according to customer specifications. The laboratory was indispensable for our own quality assurance. Due to the possibility to create test certificates ourselves, we save our customers the quality (initial) control. All essential quality standards, such as DIN 50018, DIN EN ISO 3497 (DIN 50987), DIN EN ISO 6270-2 (DIN 50017), DIN EN ISO 9227 (DIN 50021), DIN 50958, layer thickness test etc. are fulfilled. Computer-aided production planning and a high throughput capacity avoid production bottlenecks, so that delivery dates can be adhered to with binding effect.

Interactive brochure

Experience our interactive brochure and discover the fascinating world of surface finishing. Browse through innovative manufacturing processes, explore our versatile offers and get to know Gebr. Becker GmbH Oberflächentechnik in an interactive way.

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