Information about Zinc-Nickel Alloy Coatings

Zinc-Nickel alloy coatings are necessary because of the rising demand for corrosion protection against temperature, salt and environmental elements especially in the automobile industry.
A further important reason is the increased use of aluminium in the automobile branch. The advantage here is that zinc-nickel coatings on the iron and steel alloys prevent direct contact corrosion when assembled with aluminium.

The modern alloys have a 12-15% nickel content and offer a much better corrosion protection than the simple zinc coatings.

In order to achieve further surface characteristics such as a lubricating function or coefficient of friction and further improvement of corrosion protection, surface sealing or Top coats are used.

  • High tech anti-corrosives, especially for chrome VI free layers in transparent silver or black finishing, have proved themselves for years.
  • High corrosion resistance even at temperatures of up to 150°C
  • No contact corrosion when assembled with aluminium
  • Suitable for bulk parts (in drums) and on frames

Zinc-nickel coatings have achieved acceptance within the automobile industry because of these positive characteristics.