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IATF 16949
DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

Attention to detail - with our customers in mind

The industrial arena is uncompromisingly competitive. Gebr. Becker GmbH take up this challenge - with actions instead of reactions! From experience, we know what our customers need and expect. And what many of our competitors lack.

Direct approach instead of lengthy detours

Delivery within a radius of 100 km is carried out with our own trucks if necessary. A favourable infrastructure and our proximity to the motorway network save time and transport costs.

Service - well above average

Coating samples frequently give our customers the conclusive assurance they need. We are orientated to this requirement. What's more, we are in a position to fulfil the most demanding customized specifications and carry out complex surface coatings. In our company lab we conduct quality controls and draw up official test certificates.

Our aim is to be the best

As a result, not only is our own quality assurance system highly rated and certified to IATF 16949 - we also take on quality assurance measures on behalf of our customers and in compliance with their specifications. The laboratory is an essential element of our own quality assurance. And our qualification to issue test certificates means that our customers no longer need to conduct incoming inspections. At the same time, the requirements of all the main quality standards, e.g. DIN 50018, DIN EN ISO 3497 (DIN 50987), DIN EN ISO 3270-2 (DIN 50017), DIN EN ISO 9227 (DIN 50021), DIN 50958, and of coating thickness tests, etc. are fulfilled. Computer-aided production planning and a high operational capacity prevent production bottlenecks, enabling us to keep to fixed delivery schedules.