No washing out of lead or zinc! No removal of copper

Tinfull Fitting Techniques

A new, patented method of coating inner surfaces, from Gebr. Becker

At last a new chemical method has been developed to coat the surfaces of water conducting fittings made of copper or brass alloys, quickly, cheaply permanently and without much effort, which is hygienically sound and also satisfies the strongest regulations.

No washing out of lead or zinc!
No removal of copper!

PROTIN® makes it possible:

Due to the combination of a skin-deep base thickness and a 2-4 thousandth mm thick covering of tin, it is possible to evenly cover complicated fittings completely. Long life durability and without need for any further working.

The advantages of this patented method compared
with others makes PROTIN® so tinfull:

  • It is, for example, not so much work as cladding the inside surfaces with plastics.
  • The use of other materials when manufacturing fittings would be more expensive, not so good for re-cycling and also difficult to work on.