8  µm   Zinc plating: 72 hours without Zinc corrosion! 168 hours without base metal corrosion! Our company is certified according to DIN ISO 14001

Chrom-6-free Passivation

Technical Information

In line with the old vehicle regulations [2000/53EG] and the limitation of the use of certain dangerous materials in electrical and electronic equipment [directive: 2002/95/EG] we are able to offer you chrom-6-free passivation – see photo

Technical Details:

  • guaranteed chrom-6-free surfaces
  • variable colours; blue, yellow, black and if wished special colours
  • Corrosion resistance example:
    8 µm zinc plating
    72 h without zinc corrosion
    168 h without base material corrosion

If you are interested in the chrom-6-free passivation, we will be happy to supply you with samples of your own articles.